Mupalia Pictures Developing Four Ounce Glove, Story About a Local MMA Fighter

Miami is more than a sum of its parts. It seems that the guys from Mupalia Pictures, Alexander Jaramillo and Joaquin Escobar, intend to reveal that truth to the world.

Sick of Hollywood's trite depictions of our sweltering city, Jaramillo and Escobar want to give voice to all the unique stories in Miami - and they are starting out with Four Ounce Glove. The two contribute to every aspect of Four Ounce Glove. On set they work the lights and camera and in post-production they combine techniques to realize their vision and the vision of their clients.

Mupalia Pictures is currently in pre-production on the story of an MMA fighter and his struggle and are raising the capital to make the film a reality. They recently took time to chat with us about their film and their love of the "game."

Follow the jump for our Q&A with Mupalia Pictures.

Cultist: What is Mupalia Pictures?

Mupalia Pictures: Mupalia Pictures is a Miami-based corporation dedicated to providing professional and creative video production services on affordable budgets. Mupalia Pictures also advocates independent filmmaking by inviting prospective film students in Miami to join the team on sets and use industry standard equipment, engage in creative discussions, and pitch ideas to experienced and knowledgeable staff members.

Tell us about Four Ounce Glove.

We love Miami and want to exploit its bizarre culture that is too often portrayed as the drug-driven, money-swindling, sex-trafficking capital of the world. And we're going to accomplish this by telling dynamic stories about people from Miami. This summer, we're producing, writing, and directing a feature film. Four Ounce Glove is a drama about a 22-year-old MMA fighter who wins his first professional title and must train for his next fight within 60 days, but his fights continue to be postponed. No fighting means no money. Everything outside the cage is unpredictable. But when the cage locks, Victor is in control with the only four ounces he bares[sic] in each hand. Our generation isn't in the business of sitting around and searching for opportunities; rather, we make opportunities. That's what the film is about and that's what we're doing with Mupalia Pictures. There is a correlation between our lives and the life of the protagonist.

What unique qualities do you think that you guys bring to the film industry?

We love filmmaking. We're nerds, geeks, enthusiasts, critics, analysts, and storytellers. Mupalia Pictures has a lot of character because it's comprised of a lot of characters. And that's what the industry needs right now. We need people who love the game and who aren't afraid to take risks with their art.

If you were suddenly handed $10M to make a movie, what would it be?

Four Ounce Glove.

To contribute funds to Mupalia Pictures and Four Ounce Glove, visit mupalia.com.

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