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Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just two flat images placed side-by-side, forcing your brain to create an artificial depth perception. With Superman returning and brining with him another re-emergence of 3-D cinema (apparently our 2-D world is just too flat for a man from Krypton), it’s time to learn more about 3-D photography at the National Stereoscopic Association’s 2006 Stereo Photography Convention, held at the InterContinental Miami today through July 17. Visit the Stereo Theatre, where you can see the best in 3-D slide shows -- film and digital, modern and vintage. Other highlights include a trade fair, workshops, exhibits, and auctions, all presented in stunning four dimensions (since it will take a lot of time to absorb this convention’s offerings). So why 3-D over plain old width and height? “Stereo photography [3-D] is an immersive, interactive experience.... It makes you feel like you are really there,” says NSA chairman Bill Moll. But the best way to feel like you are really there is to go. Admission is five dollars for exhibits and trade fair; theater and workshops vary by day. Call 954-657-9005, or visit
July 11-17
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