Miami Free Times: Readings by MTV Starlet and Dexter Author

We know that some of you lost a couple grand betting on the Colts in addition to shelling out for one of the many high-priced, drink-with-a-celebrity events this weekend. So give your plastic money cards a rest by opting for free events over the next five days. And yes, one of these events involves Lauren Conrad and another involves cold-blooded murder. See what a rich city we live in?

Monday: There's just a spittle of Super-Bowl-themed madness left. Today is your last chance to witness the Champions Arch, a 23-feet arch over Ocean and 11th made from recycled steel from the local stadiums and illuminated with LED lights.

Tuesday: Fans of the macabre won't want to miss a reading by Dexter author Jeff Lindsay. It's your rare chance to meet the man who made serial killing into a hobby.

Wednesday: The cover, flyer, and merch artist for Black Flag, Raymond Pettibon, has an exhibit of new art called Repeater Pencil at the World Class Boxing gallery in Wynwood. Perfect if you've got a six pack and nothing to do.

Thursday: Now you can add "author" to the growing list of accomplishments of Lauren Conrad. See her read from her new book Sweet Little Lies: An L.A. Candy Novel.

Friday: Catch the second night of the International Noise Conference at Churchill's where each band has less than 15 minutes to make a racket without mixing boards or laptops.

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