Miami Comedy Group The Have-Nots To Take Center Stage at South Beach Comedy Festival

There are a lot of things about Miami that are funny: banana hammocks, Pepe Billete, Marlins Park's profit margin. But sadly, our sunny city is often overlooked when it comes to comedic talent. It's easy for outsiders to discount the likes of the 305 when compared to traditional meccas like New York, LA, or Chicago.

But as in arts, film, and the other genres where Miami is rapidly proving her worth, the city's comedy scene is coming up, too. Proof: Local jokesters the Have-Nots will take the stage at the famous Comedy Central-sponsored South Beach Comedy Festival this year.

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Needless to say, the team is stoked. They've been around almost four years, and went from small local group to fully incorporated production company last year. While they've participated in the festival in past years, they've never been a main act. Until now.

"This year we got accepted as a main show, so it was huge," said Dominic Perenzin, co-founder. "It's a big chance for Miami and South Florida to support their scene. Every other comic is not from here, so it's the first time they're going to be able to support their local comics."

Taking the stage at the showcase-style performance will be four of the team's comics. They are Orlando Leyba, winner of Florida's Funniest Comedian in 2012; John Wynn, creator of the award-winning web series LaborDays.TV; Eric Da Silva, a national touring NYC comic who got his start in Miami; and Ricky Cruz, who's appeared on Comedy Central and HBO.

Perenzin hand-picked the talent for the gig himself. Each comic will get about 20 to 30 minutes of stage time. And while the audience can expect crass, R-rated material, it won't be dirty, he says.

"These comics all have very unique and different styles. It's kind of like going to a buffet -- you're going to get the best of everybody," Perenzin adds.

So you can simultaneously show these hometown heroes some love -- and get your gut pleasantly busted.

"We want to show everybody we can stand up to any city as far as comedy and talent. You'll definitely agree with us. There's no way you're walking out of there without your abs hurting from laughing."

Doors open at 9:30 p.m. at Backstage at the Fillmore on April 18. The show starts at 10 p.m., and tickets run $15 a pop. You can buy them online through the South Beach Comedy Festival website. Check out more about the Have-Nots on Facebook.

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