Miami Breaks the Guinness World Record of Most Selfies Taken in One Hour

Are selfies the ultimate expression of narcissism? Maybe. Some psychologists have even linked the vexing fad to serious mental health issues. But for #missionsmile and Indiana-based lifestyle vloggers Mark E. Miller and partner Ethan Hethcote, that's all a bunch of bull.

"The act of taking a selfie is showing how happy you are," a topless Hethcote firmly told Cultist in front of Ocean Drive's kingdom of drag queens, The Palace. "It's showing that happiness and spreading it."

In fact, the company and the two YouTubers like selfies so much that they decided to set a world record of taking the most selfies in one hour on South Beach's solemn shores for the launch of the #missionsmile movement. The claim to conquer even caught the attention of the official judge of all things holy-shit-did-that-really-just-happen, Guinness World Records.

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Nycole Sariol