Meet Kyle Mooney, the World's Most Awkward Miami Heat Fan (Video)

You know when a moment is so painfully awkward you want to look away? Those are Kyle Mooney's moments. Interviewer extraordinaire, Kyle has made his mark cornering bewildered fans at Dodger games, roller derbies, and UFC matches (Jaime Pressly's a huge fan, obvs), and pelting them with nonsensical questions and blundering mannerisms.

Kyle, a USC grad, L.A. resident, and one quarter of the Good Neighbor comedy team, has shown off his smooth moves on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Parks & Recreation, and all over the interwebs. Most recently, Kyle caught a flight to Miami and spent an afternoon interviewing Heat fans at the NBA Championship Parade. The results were pretty epic. Read on to see for yourself.

We caught up with Kyle to ask him a few burning questions about the Heat, his mad interview skills, and what other weirdness lies ahead.

Cultist: What were you doing in Miami?
Kyle Mooney: I came to Miami with my director/best bud Dave McCary specifically to interview people at the parade. We got our start using that interview character at the Lakers parade when they won a couple years ago, so it felt right. We spent a decent chunk of change to fly out there. Sub sandwiches at Monster Subs in Fort Lauderdale were the highlight!

Dude, Fort Lauderdale? We're the Miami New Times. Hint, hint.
I just had to say something nice about those subs! Miami was great though, there were so many people in a celebratory mood. We hung out by the water and smoked at a hookah bar before we went to sleep. What's it called? It's on the water! I think we combined double apple and pineapple, giving us what we referred to as "triple apple."

I believe you're referring to Off the Hookah. Triple apple sounds pretty sweet. So are you a Heat fan? Who's your favorite player?
My favorite basketball team is the San Diego Padres.

What, so "Brond James" isn't at the top of your list?
I mean, he is good. Really good. Probably fastest at slam challenge. But I'm feeling like K Spiders doesn't get enough love.

When did you decide to become a reporter?
Summer 2009.

Did you just decide you had mad interview skills and needed to share them with the world?
I guess we realized that no one was really asking the tough questions, so we decided it was our responsibility. But it takes a very special interaction to make it to the final video. Usually some perfect storm of silence, uncomfortable hug, or high five, and absolute understanding (or zero understanding) of what I'm saying.

Where do you get the sweet graphics you use in your video?
I love surfing through Google image search. We like to find stuff by using search terms like "me and hunter swimming haha." It's important to think like the person who posted the photo to find the good stuff.

I hear you have some celebrity fans. Why do you think they dig your style?
Yes! Norm MacDonald and Jimmy Kimmel have been big supporters of the interview character. Also Louis CK recently mentioned me on the Internet, which was really cool. I think people like the interview stuff because we try to keep the character as real as possible, and get genuine reactions from people.

You're a pretty smooth dude, but do you ever get embarrassed or scared to approach people?
I am constantly anxious before doing this in public. Most people are cool, because the character isn't threatening, but I don't doubt I might get slugged someday. We're never sure of what we have (if anything) until we watch the footage. But Dave is always pretty reassuring.

What's next for you?
TV things? Movie things? Video games?

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