Maaji Swimwear at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: A Hot Mess of Pirates and Sailors

With this collection, Maaji Swimwear never fails to be innovative and eclectic with its designs and runway ideas. The best way to describe the looks coming down the runway: a hot and appreciated mess.

The team of designers sent out women's swimwear, lingerie, and the debut of their first ever men's swimwear line. Think collars, thigh-high mesh stockings, eye patches, arm accessories made out of fabric, turbans, and other outrageous headpieces. And lots of lace.

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All the shows at Swim Week ooze sexy -- it's a five-day-long bikini party, after all -- but really, Maaji's models nailed the job. They looked straight out of a role-play scene out at sea: pirates vs. sailors. At one point, two men walked out with two models carrying a pirate flag and wearing a pirate hat.

Though the storytelling factor and the innovative thought process put into the designs were admirable, we can't help but think it was just a little too much. Sleeved swimsuits, plus ruffles and glove-like accessories, plus eye patches and jacket pieces? It's a whole lot of everything.

When the models wore just the swimsuits with a stand-alone collar and the arm accessory (we're still really confused as to what the arm thing was about), it was beautiful. If not, it was hot and heavy -- for better and for worse.

Standout Looks: With just so much to look at, we really loved a pair of printed short-shorts with lace.

Trend Alert: Lace, lace, and more lace.

We Could Do Without: The boots. The models walked down in what looked like snow boots with heels, which were neither functional nor fashionable. And leave out the half-shirt cover-ups, too.

The Vibe: Naughty Pirates & Sailors at Sea

The Cute Factor: The male models smirking as they walked down the runway -- they clearly enjoyed the attention.

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Ashli Molina