Art Basel Miami Beach

Julian Lennon on U2's The Edge and Art Basel: "Cakes and Sex? I'm Up For It"

When Julian Lennon began photographing U2, he was granted unusually intimate access and took quite a few images.

"Then I went to look at them," Lennon told Cultist at the Morrison Hotel gallery's Art Basel popup at the Dream Hotel. "And I went, 'Shit. They look like fucking holiday photos.'

"I've got the opportunity here with U2 and I'm shooting shit. And that's where I was, I'd literally sat on the floor after a session with Bono, and that's when I took the shot. I knew immediately it was the one shot I needed."

The resultant shot (seen above), Someone to Look Up To, shows Bono in the studio, a photo of a young John Lennon aligned above his head.

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