Jessy Nite Takes Flight With New “High Hopes” Exhibition Tonight in Wynwood

For months now, Red Bull has been working on revamping an old warehouse in Wynwood to be the site of their new Miami office, and today, the location is ready to be unveiled. Since the workspace is in Wynwood after all, it would be remiss to not add a little artistic flare to both the exterior and interior. Enter in local artist Jessy Nite.

Tonight will not only serve as the unveiling of the building (which Nite painted) but the inside has been transformed into a makeshift gallery to exhibit some of Nite’s latest work. Nite has worked with big name brands before but comments on how Red Bull has been one of the smoothest partnerships: “Obviously Red Bull is an amazing brand that really supports the arts, but they always try and support the arts in a way that honors the art rather than just making it a branded thing… You always hope to work with brands like Red Bull that ‘give you wings’ and set you on your way for your project and they don’t really need or want the spotlight.”

Nite invited New Times to her Overtown studio to preview some of the works that would be on display within the pseudo-gallery. Old pieces sat in all ends of the room, the walls were lined with artwork, and a lonely easel stood in the corner covered in fresh paint. The smell of incense burning added a subtle touch of softness and a sense of surprising calm to anyone who walked into the room.

The showcase inside the Red Bull building will act as a sort of growth for Nite as an artist. She was recently abroad exhibiting in Europe last summer and soon after took a short break before returning to work. By incorporating some of her better known pieces with her new work, Nite explains it’s “the continuing, evolution of me as an artist; just making stuff in my studio and trying to tell stories and make new waves.”

Guests can expect to see some familiar Nite art as well as plenty of new things. “I’m going to show some of my new works inside the building. There will be some things that people have seen already — pill pieces and shadow pieces — but brand new versions of that. And then I also have some totally new stuff: I’ll have paintings on canvas, which I don’t normally do, and tile collages.”

The tile collage series has a unique story regarding their creation. It all started, Nite explains, when she would pick up found objects around her studio after a heavy rainfall. “It started by me picking up glass and nails and throwing it out of the yard so my dogs don’t step on them, but then one day I found this broken turquoise tile.” For most people, an old tile piece would mean nothing, but for Nite, it was a special finding that inspired a new line of work and stories.

After completing work on the outside of the building, Nite will begin setting her plans in motion for Miami Art Week in December. “I’m definitely feeling the need to do a big Miami outreach installation or something,” she says, extending her arms and circling them back to her body as if pulling from some unseen muse hidden among the leaves in her backyard.

Jessy Nite's "High Hopes"
Hosted and curated by Kathryn Mikesell of Your Fountainhead, opens tonight, October 7, at the Red Bull building, 380 NW 27th St., Miami, from 7 to 10 p.m.

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Carolina del Busto is a freelance writer for Miami New Times. She nurtured her love of words at Boston College before moving back home to Miami and has been covering arts and culture in the Magic City since 2013.