January Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: A Feeble Economy, Gunpowder Sculptures and the Hysterical Sublime

Want to figure out what's addling the collective unconscious? No need to consult a shrink. Just head to Wynwood this weekend for the first Art Walk of the year.

Beginning at 6 p.m. this Saturday, several psychologically freighted new exhibits will riff on unnerving themes. Offerings will explore everything from the anxiety caused by a feeble economy to the harshness of living in contemporary society to notions of the hysterical and sublime.

You can also catch a whiff of the angst-ridden orchestrations of the GOP's top power-grabbers at a pair of shows mining notions of mass manipulation or Cold War annihilation. As the election season heats up, both these exhibits offer a timely reminder of how ultimately it's the public that gets burned by a scorched-earth approach to political campaigning.

Here are our picks for this month's edition of the Second Saturday arts crawl.

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Carlos Suarez De Jesus