Help Name Jungle Island's New Baby Mini Zebu and Capuchin Monkey

Thank you, Jungle Island, for endorphin-boosting work distractions.

To celebrate its upcoming Neighbor Days special this weekend, Jungle Island invites the public to help name two newborn cuties: a capuchin monkey and a miniature zebu.

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Not that we need any incentive to dream up adorable names all day, but the two winners selected will receive two general admission tickets to Jungle Island. The winning names will be announced Friday, August 29, at noon. Island visitors will meet the baby monkey and zebu during the $10 Neighbor Days over Labor Day weekend.

Native to South Asia, zebus are one of the oldest and smallest breeds of cattle in the world and acclimate well to hot climates. Welcome to Miami summer, little one. While zebus can eventually weigh more than 400 pounds, capuchin monkeys stop at a slight three to nine pounds. Fun fact: these little guys also can jump up to three to nine feet.

"These youngsters will make a fantastic addition to our growing family at Jungle Island," director of animal care Dr. Jason Chatfield said in a release.

To stamp your honorable names on these creatures, mark your suggestions on Twitter with #JungleIslandBabies.

From August 30 through September 1, all events at Jungle Island cost $10, including park admission, aqua park, jungle tours, and family meals.

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