Gypsy the Giant Black Dog Tells Our Fortune, Dashes Our Dreams

Human beings are superstitious. We believe black cats are bad luck, stepping on cracks leads to broken backs, and Magic 8 Balls and cheap cookies can foretell the future. So is it any less plausible that an artist's creation could prognosticate accurately?

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Desi Santiago's giant black dog installation, officially titled Perrier Presents The Black Lords by Desi Santiago but appropriately nicknamed Gypsy, is telling the fortunes of Baselites all week long. And the bitch has some strong opinions.

The massive canine has overtaken South Beach's landmark LGBT hotel, Lords South Beach. And while her answers to both Cultist and Lords' founder Brian Gorman were a tad disappointing, plenty of other people came away happy.

Visitors to the jaw-dropping installation are asked to write their yes or no questions on a card, then drop it into a podium facing Gypsy's massive head. They press a button, and she answers with flashing eyes, billowing smoke, and a booming yes, no, or maybe.

When this writer asked Gypsy if she would ever write a best-seller, she got a big fat no. Le sigh.

Gorman's answer, at least, was a little more positive.

"I asked a question about a boy. I asked about a particular guy I like, and it said maybe. When people get that answer I tell them, that's good, it means your destiny isn't set yet. The choices you make will result in your future, it's not predetermined," he told Cultist.

The installation is already turning heads across the beach, and drawing answer-seeking art enthusiasts to the doorstep of Lords. The wildly creative concept was made possible by a partnership between Lords, BOFFO and Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

"We're always trying to celebrate all the different aspects of gay culture. Desi is a gay artist, the Executive Director of BOFFO is part of the community, and Perrier has been so wonderful -- they do so much in terms of supporting really creative thinking," Gorman said. "Things like this couldn't happen without brands who are really ready to make a bold stand for the arts. We're so lucky to have them."

So go see what Gypsy has in store for you. She'll be seeing the future through Sunday.

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