Graffiti Artist Remote Debuts New Show "Sprayskull"

Tired of the same old Art Walk? This Saturday, venture outside of Wynwood and over to the Design District for graffiti artist Remote's first solo exhibition. In it, Remote takes hazardous waste and turns it into mind-altering pieces of art. Dubbed "Sprayskull," the three night pop-up show at 3801 N Miami Ave. will be the first time the Boston native turned Miami resident artist puts his spray can and skull series on display.

Kicking off Thursday, June 11, "Sprayskull" bills itself as a sustainable exhibition. Ever heard the old adage one man's garbage is another man's treasure? Well, Bellichi is taking that literally, using spray cans he's been collecting for the past four years to create custom, crystal clear epoxy resin, skull sculptures. The sculptures have been cast in mold and filled with roughly 250 salvaged spray can caps. Bellichi has a few other works of art in the well, works. Think geometric mosaics made from smashed spray cans, as well as some other crystal clear resin sculptures and a couple of concrete pieces of more skulls and cans. 

"In a way, this project really started during the 90's when I was just a kid in college," he says. "I was taking a sculpture class and had an idea to go around the city to all the different spots where people would paint and collected trash bags full of empty cans."

"It was the first time I ever showed my work in the gallery at school, and it was a big deal." So big that that 20 years later besides still being an avid recycler, Bellichi once again started collecting cans. "At first I didn't know what I was going to do with them and then tinkering around with them and smashing them." Looking at their shapes, he realized they looked like creatures and decided to give them personalities. "I remember cutting one of the cans open and thinking this looks like the eye socket from a skull." And thus, Sprayskull was born. "Coming up with the name gave me more ideas to come up with." Hence the six crystal that will be on display come Thursday.

What's most impressive is that Bellichi is funding this entirely himself, and using a raw space to display his work. "I didn't want to associate it with any gallery. I'm basically betting on me. That's how strongly I feel about the work."

Besides "Sprayskull," his work includes opening Alt Space gallery in Coconut Grove during the mid 2000's, as well as his current role as the Related Group's resident artist. 

Although it's most likely that you've seen Remote in action amidst the Art District's colorful murals, his work is all around town. "Graffiti is impermanent but these pieces are permanent. Ninety percent of the show is stuff I've never done before."

Sprayskull solo exhibition by Remote opens Thursday, June 11, from 6 to 10 p.m. The exhibition runs until June 13. 3801 N Miami Ave., Miami. Visit the Facebook page for more information. 

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