Gold Saturn Wants You to Rock Their Urban Turbans

OK. Who do we blame for turbans -- those funny-looking scarf hat thingies? Was it Kate Moss? Those damn Olsen twins? Or was it the unwatchable, desert-themed Sex and the City 2? The headwear trendsetter may still be up for debate, but a Miami designer has combined headbands and turbans, and created a wearable trend that's both functional (sayonara, Miami frizz hair) and fashionably edgy.

David Jon Acosta, the wunderkind behind local T-shirt and accessories line Gold Saturn, debuted his latest collection back in March during a '70s-styled fashion show at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. "When planning for the show, I was inspired by vintage Miami, picturing women in oversized jewelry and glamorous headwear." The turbands (get it? turban + headband) were a result of Acosta's desire to have all the models look uniformed.

Well, thanks to Acosta's anal-retentiveness, we have a new accessory

that can keep our unruly hair in place as we saunter through this swamp

called Miami. And shielding our hair from the unrelenting summer

humidity is enough to win our love forever. The headpieces range in

styles (leopard, skulls, tie-die prints) and are priced between $26-$32. Nab them online at www.goldsaturn.com.

While we had the turban-man on the phone, we asked how a local should

rock the look: "During the day, you can wear any style with a bikini,

cover-up and big jewelry. At night, try one of the satin styles with

lose curls and bright lips." Now, all we have to worry about is keeping

those bright lipsticks from melting off our lips.

--Nikki Novo

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