Get Naked and Go Swimming with 13,649 Nudists for the Guinness World Record

Everyone loves gratuitous nudity. Old ladies dig it. Hipster photographers (i.e. Ryan McGinley and imitators) have made careers documenting it. Pimply preteen males are huge, huge, huge fans. Even Bobo the Juggling Chimp smiles wide and winks when he sees a bare pair of boobies. All in all, the natural splendor of the human body is an eternally renewable source of perpetual happiness!

So tomorrow at "3 p.m. Eastern Nudist Time," get naked, go swimming, and make your contribution to the world's good mood when the AANR World Record Skinny-Dip invades Haulover Beach Park. See the jump for a skin flick.

The world record bid is an attempt to break last year's grand total of 13,648 simultaneous skinnydippers. In havens of naturalism such as Haulover, Bare Backers in Boise, and Hippie Hollow in Texas, playfully pervy peeps will gather to shake off a workweek's worth of mundane shittiness and powwow with hundreds of their very best nudist pals.

The real reason for all this naked bathing, though, isn't just Guinness glory. As the fine freaks over at American Association of Nude Recreation say, it's all about "focus[ing] the attention of the world on the joys of wholesome, happy skinny-dipping as an American tradition." Or, you know, to stare at each other's junk with a smile and a wink like old Bobo.

The AANR World Record Skinny-Dip. Saturday, July 10. Haulover Beach Park, 10800 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour. The stripping and swimming starts at 3 p.m. Visit aanr.com/skinny-dip.html.

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