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Free Vibrators: Trojan to Give Away Thousands of Sex Toys on Miami Beach

Hold on to your panties, folks, 'cuz you're about to get all kinds of aroused. Next Tuesday, Trojan, condom hawkers extraordinaire, will be passing out thousands of free vibrators to Miami Beach-goers. You heard right. THOUSANDS OF FREE VIBRATORS.

Like your friendly neighborhood hot dog cart (only even more blatantly phallic), the Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Carts will be doling out titillating toys to passers-by at Miami Beach's NoWhere Lounge. The stop is part of a nationwide tour undertaken by the kings of carnal pleasure, designed to showcase their provocative products. Miami was a wise choice, considering that we supposedly have the most sex in America.

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Lucky visitors will score a free Trojan Tri-Phoria (regularly priced at $39.99) or Trojan Pulse ($29.99) vibrator, to use as they see fit. Be it for solo jobs or team efforts, those babies are bound to come in handy.

Previously, the crew made stops in New York City, D.C., Chicago, Boston, and Las Vegas, and folks lined up in droves to get their hands on the versatile vibrators. Fans can track the tour via Facebook.

The giveaway runs from noon to 4 p.m. at NoWhere Lounge, 653 Washington Ave. Our advice? Get there early if you wanna score some purple pleasure.

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