Florida Grand Opera Distracts Shoppers From IKEA Weekend Hell (Video)

Have you been to IKEA on a weekend? If so, you know about the crushing crowds, the slow march through winding pathways until you find the perfect piece of build-it-yourself furniture for your crappy apartment, and the crushing defeat of making it all the way to the warehouse only to discover the thing you want is out of stock until 2014.

(If not, be advised: Go on a Tuesday. At, like, 11 a.m.)

So the poor, misguided souls shuffling through storage solutions and 80 different items named "Malmo" were understandably delighted to be distracted from the sad specter of their afternoons by Florida Grand Opera, which staged a flash mob Saturday to serenade shoppers with a selection from La Traviata, part of the company's 2012-2013 season. 

The song they're singing? It's "Libiamo," also known as "The Drinking Song," also known as the next best thing to actually swigging from a large flask of tequila on your way from "bathrooms" to "lighting fixtures."

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