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Downton Abbey-Era Miami: Flappers, Mansions, and American "Royalty"

As Downton Abbey season three mania sweeps across South Florida -- and the nation -- we're all starry-eyed imagining the ins and outs of life at the turn of the century. And with the introduction of Cora's sassy American mother, more of that attention is aimed at our own shores.

Great Britain is one thing, but what was happening in Miami at at that time? Did life for Miami's upper crust bear any resemblance to that of the Crawleys? Would the Dowager Countess have had a heart attack over the scandalous ways of Miamians, even then?

To find out how the two disparate locales measured up against each other, we spoke with iconic Miami historian and author Arva Moore Parks. She talked to us about American royalty versus English, the sprawling mansions of the 1920s, and the Tiffany's Miami home.

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