Dictators, Globes, Inner Monologues

It’s bad enough we constantly have to deal with the addled jabbering of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez without Pete Kirill dragging Kim Jong-il into the picture. But don’t confuse Kirill’s vision of North Korea’s “Dear Leader” with that of that nation’s brain-douched citizens who believe the Dr. Evil wannabe has the magical ability to alter the weather with his changing moods. Instead, Kirill’s exhibit “A Communist Dictator Visits Miami,” on view at 6 p.m. for the Second Saturday Art Walk, siphons the messianic pretensions from our planet’s largest single consumer of Hennessy. At Myra Galleries (177 NW 23rd St., Miami), the artist’s series of droll paintings unmask North Korea’s supreme boob as a poseur. Call 305-573-7670 or visit myragalleries.com. At Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts (2043 N. Miami Ave., Miami), don’t miss “Thoughts, Meditations, Acts,” Xawery Wolski’s high-wire conceptual experiments with terra cotta, bronze, steel, seeds, and natural fibers. The Polish artist uses disparate materials to create suspended, organically shaped globes that are infused with spiritual symbolism and a sense of inherent energy. Call 305-576-1804 or visit dlfinearts.com. Paris-based Venezuelan artist Carlos Cabeza returns to Wynwood’s O. Ascanio Gallery (2600 NW Second Ave., Miami) with “Conscious Painting,” boasting 28 of his patented hallucinatory reveries. Cabeza promises to lead spectators into the corridors of his ripened noggin. The artist claims he works “in a dimension of realization that lies between the mind and the interactive world.” Call 305-571-9036 or visit oascaniogallery.com.
Sat., Nov. 12, 6 p.m., 2011
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus

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