Delicious Dexter: UK Celebrates New Season With Life-Size Cake

The season eight premiere of Dexter aired on Showtime on June 30 over here in the states, but in the UK, its airing date is set for Sunday, July 7, on FOX. The beginning of the end is certainly a cause for celebration, and there's no better way to celebrate than with cake.

Cakes are always great. But cakes shaped to look like celebrities' faces are even greater. And a life-sized cake of Dexter Morgan is the greatest.

FOX commissioned food artist Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer's Kitchen in Birmingham, UK (via Miss Cakehead) to create an edible delight fit for the occasion. It's only fitting that after seven seasons, Dexter, who chops his victims into pieces, is now the one being sliced...and eaten!

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Inspired by the name of Dex's boat, de Vetten wanted to literally create a slice of Dexter's life.

The delectable-looking cake is so realistic you might even need to do a double-take to make sure it's not Michael C. Hall on the table. The cake measured 5 feet, 10 inches long, which is the same height as Hall, and it was even fully clothed with a black shirt and black pants. (We'd have rather seen Dexter dressed in his usual kill outfit -- olive green thermal and army green cargo pants -- but whatever.)

Cake Dexter took nearly one week to make -- over 100 hours -- and weighed over 200 pounds. That's probably even the same weight as Hall. For those of you bold enough to try this at home - or just curious about the ingredients - the cake consisted of 24 eggs, 55 pounds of flour, 35 pounds of buttercream, 39 pounds of sugar, and 44 pounds of sugar paste and marzipan.

Perhaps the best part of the cake was the way it was cut. Dexter's famous "kill room" was recreated -- complete with plastic lining the walls and cling-wrap securing the cake to a table -- but before neatly cutting the cake, the knife pierced Dexter's buttercream heart. And yes, there was a single, bloody cut on his right cheek.

The devil is in the details, or in this case, the food coloring and icing.

The point of the cake was to be cut and sent to the media - in the UK, we're assuming, since we didn't get a slice - along with a funeral service booklet reading "In Loving Memory of Dexter 2006-2013."

Dexter Morgan is many things -- son, brother, father, widow, blood spatter analyst, serial killer -- and now cake is one of them.

--Carolina del Busto

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