Dade Gets Shout-Out in Milk

In movies, Miami gets a bad rap. It's always cocaine smuggler this, and mafia murderer that. It's like come on, Hollywood. You're making us look bad.

 So when Riptide heard Dade County got a cameo in Gus Van Sant's new film Milk, we bought some trans fat-soaked popcorn and got comfortable

next to two cute, twinkish, super-excited gay dudes this past weekend.

The flick, which tells the story of the martyred gay San Francisco

Supervisor Harvey Milk, was spliced with actual footage from the gay

rights movement in the Seventies.

But as it turns out, the 3-0-5 got a pretty embarrassing historical

shout-out. Second in line for the film's most loathed antagonist was

smug-faced, orange-plucking bigot Anita Bryant, who lead Dade on a

moral crusade to prevent gay equality in the late Seventies. The

goody two-shoes pop singer/actress normalized the motto "no special

rights" and convinced voters that homo perverts aimed to recruit our

children.  Our innocent children!

In the film, a map of Dade flickered, followed by a few clips from

Bryant's vomit-inducing speeches. In them, she lobbied against

legislation that would have prevented gay people from being fired based

on sexual orientation. (The cute couple next to Riptide scoffed

loudly.)Harvey Milk, played by Sean Penn, then rallied the hippies and

the queers in the the Haight and the Castro against the "Anita Bryants

everywhere."  Check out New Times' movie review here.

Just one question: Thirty years from now, who's gonna

direct the flick about how gay people couldn't adopt in Florida?

--Natalie O'Neill

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