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Cute Kitty Midnight Madness: The Drinking Game

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The Price is Right must not air in Canada. Because if it did, Canadians would not only know the retail value of a jet ski, but they'd also know the Tao of Bob Barker: Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.

According to this YouTube video (posted after the jump) featured on The Winnipeg Humane Society's website, Canada's got one hardcore pussy problem. They've got so much pussy in fact - short hair, long hair, no hair, and even spotted (if that's your thing) - that if you buy one pussy from the WHS, you get five pussies free! It's pussy for all! A straight up Pussypalooza!

And since you seem to like posts about cats so much and because this viral video, much like the Tajazzling video we posted a few months back, genuinely made us LOL, we felt Kitty Midnight Madness was worthy of a drinking game. Read on for the rules.

Materials Needed:

• Rum

• Maple syrup

• Cat nip

• A lizard


Take One Shot of Rum Whenever...

• You see a black and white or a tabby (orange) cat

• There's a sign for the Winnipeg Humane Society

• A blue-eyed cat appears

• You hear a sound effect ripped from an episode of Looney Tunes

Take Two Shots of Rum Followed by a Maple Syrup Chaser Whenever...

• A cat is compared to a used car

• Host Andy Hill says something that would make Bob Barker proud

• The words "Kitty Midnight Madness" flashes across the screen

• A dog pops up on the screen

• A tabby and black and white cat appear at the same time

Snort a line of Cat Nip Whenever...

• You wonder why there's banjos playing in the background instead of a ditty off of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill
• You catch yourself uncontrollably uttering "awwww"

• You've seen the same cat more than once

• You name one of the cats

Bite off the Head of a Lizard and Give the Body to the Person You Love Most If....

• You feel at all possessed to buy all of the cats featured in this video. And yes, they would look mighty fine lounging atop of your towering stacks of newspapers from 1974 (with all the government conspiracy theories highlighted, of course), piles of engagement rings from estranged fiancés, clown figurine collection, and trash you haven't thrown out for at least three years.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.