Cristy Rice Talks Real Housewives of Miami and Basketball Wives

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As the entire city of Miami is aware, Real Housewives of Miami premiered last Tuesday, to well, less than stellar reviews. E! News called it "just bland" and People Magazine gave it one star. We mean, isn't that a little harsh? But they can hate all they want -- we love our ladies because, hey, they are our people.

So last week at the Eden Roc Miami Beach, we got the chance to catch up

with one of the Miami Housewives, Miss Cristy Rice. Better known as the single mama/ex-wife of NBAer

Glen Rice. And while she stayed a little more tame then we would have

liked, Rice talked about the show, the fact she is the only one with a

job, and what its like to be an actual basketball wife.

New Times: You and the ladies are the first Latina housewives. How does that feel?

Cristy Rice: It's one of the main reasons I did the show. I wanted to show the

country a Latina woman, something that has never been done on Bravo.

Doing a reality show can either go really well or well, terrible. What made you want to do the show?

I said no a million times, but eventually no turned into a yes. I actually turned down the show a few times. 

You start of the show as a single lady. Do you have a man in your life these days?

I'm still single.

Is it weird to be one of the only wives with an actual job? 

I have had my clothing store for about 10 years and I just took it

online. I actually just created a line of accessories and a line of

workout wear, so I have been busy.

Bethenny Frankel turned Real Housewives of New York into a full blown empire. Is that a reason you did the show?

It was something that was already in the works, so it can't hurt, right?

You're also an ex-basketball wife. Did they ever offer you Basketball Wives on VH1?

Yes, they actually offered me that show first. And I turned that show

down to and I decided to go with this show. And then I called Larsa and

got her on board.

Pat Riley's wife, Chris, told us that show is pretty unrealistic of what it's like to be a wife of someone in the NBA. Do you agree?

Well, I don't watch it actually. But I know a few of the girls on it.

None of them were truly wives like I was. I was married for over 10

years, so I mean, it's obviously different then from what you see.

Do you think they make actual basketball wives look bad?

My experience as a basketball wife was beautiful. I had a great

relationship with my husband. We're actually still friends. I had

another side too, which was the wife of a retired basketball player.

What does your ex, retired NBAer Glen Rice, think of you doing the show? 

We talk all the time. He wishes me well.

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