Cosplay Is Creative, Not Crazy: An Open Letter to the New York Post

Yesterday's New York Post review of upcoming SyFy reality show, Heroes of Cosplay, angered quite a few of us in the geek community. The article portrays the cosplay community as "confused" and "weird," all while looking down its nose at those who might enjoy the creative pursuit.

Yes, cosplay is insanely time-consuming. Yes, cosplay is expensive. Yes, cosplay represents a subset of fandom that not everyone is into, and that can be jarring to an outsider. I haven't seen Heroes of Cosplay; maybe it wrongly portrays the subculture. But it's your job as a journalist to educate yourself about your subject matter before jumping to conclusions based on a reality TV show. Cosplayers shouldn't be scoffed at, lumped in with "nutty Civil War re-enactors," because you were too cool for school to inform yourself an extra smidge about the industry.

We here at Cultist love ourselves some cosplay, so we felt we needed to set the record straight, just in time for any future cosplay articles and reviews you might try to run.

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Elisa Melendez