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Comic Con Celebrities Who Love and Hate Us

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This weekend's Miami Comic Con not only provided a chance to spend a lot of money, it also provided us the opportunity to speak with a slew of celebrities. And by slew we mean a handful, and by celebrities we mean "celebrities."

The cool thing about this was noting the difference between those who were actually cool and those who were just a giant dipstick stuck in an even bigger puddle of dog poopie.

Angela Fong, better known as Savannah of WWE fame, or from the movie John Tucker Must Die,

had herself a bangin' time in Miami for the short while she was here.

She made sure to hit South Beach Friday and Saturday nights. "Me and my

girls, the girls I came with, went to SET, Mango's, and the Clevelander.

I love it. Nothing compares to the South Beach nightlife, not even

Vegas." Why thank you, Miss Fong. We love you too.

Ernie Hudson, who was one of the more popular special guests of the Con, could barely be bothered. He made sure to plug his previous films during our brief conversation, even stooping so low as to mention that he had been to the Magic City before - to shoot The Substitute of all things. Who cares? You'd be nobody without Ghostbusters! No one visited your booth to have you sign their VHS copy of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Winston!

The only thing more boring than season five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the season in which a character named Glory was the central villain, is Clare Kramer - the actress who played Glory. First, she gave us a lame, PR-prepared quote about how "it's been a real pleasure to meet all the fans" then when she almost put herself to sleep, she asked us to change it to "all the people in Miami have such passion." We guess that's because we're all Latinos, huh Clare? She followed that up with asking us if that sounded better. Yeah, Clare. Much.

Anywhoozers, when asked if she had been out in the city or hit any of the clubs on South Beach, she responded by saying that she had no chance to as she had only been here 36 hours. Look Clare, we just spoke to Angela Fong who told us she spent all weekend drinking and barely managed to get any sleep before showing up looking mad hot at the convention center. Be a professional!

Speaking of losers from Buffy, Nicholas Brendon, better known as Xander, had us really worried. Apart from the fact that he was in a hat and sunglasses the entire weekend, and yes, we mean indoors, he spent half his time each day in one of the two bathrooms inside the convention center. In fact, we were never able to speak with him, because it seemed that he would sit at his booth for five minutes only to feel the call of nature (or Tony Montana), and have to rush off to the bathroom again. He either has a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome or homie has a coke problem. Either way, he needs help. 

Perhaps he's trying to drown out the memory of this video:

Writer and actress Cerina Vincent was another delight. Her and Fong should hang out. Vincent usually does horror cons because of her appearances in movies like Cabin Fever and Return to House on Haunted Hill, and said that the difference between horror movie fans and comic book fans is tremendous.

"These people don't care at all about Cabin Fever; they care that I was a Power Ranger." Vincent is more than a scream queen, the latest installment in her hot chick book series was just released, How to Live Like a Hot Chick. We read some of it and it makes pretty good advice for anyone.

Vincent chilled most of the weekend, but planned to hit South Beach for some "good food and stiff drinks" right after the comic con was over on Sunday. We steered her right.

Another celeb who asked our advice on where to go was Scott Thompson. The Kid in the Hall's eyes lit up and he leaned forward earnestly, asking us where in South Beach he should go hang. We said Twist - where else? Old school and fabulous, just like Mr. Thompson himself. Besides, we couldn't get the image out of our head of Scott, shirtless with a sailor cap on, dancing to Lady Gaga in one of the upstairs rooms. Fierce.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.