Charlie Murphy on Why He Doesn't Miss Chappelle's Show

Over the years, certain catch phrases have become a part of pop culture. But nothing has caught on for the 21st century like those from a show that left us too soon, Chappelle's Show. A few that stand out are "F*** yo couch" and "Charlie Murphy!" We'll never have the pleasure of interviewing Rick James, the creator for the sofa saying, but luckily we have his muse: Charlie Murphy.

With a resume that includes actor, comedian, author, and, of course, writer for Chappelle's Show, it's hard to imagine Charlie not being the most famous member of his family. But that's what happens when your brother is Eddie Murphy. But don't compare the two. Charlie wants you to know they are very two different people. Before coming to South Florida for his shows at the Miami Improv in Coconut Grove this weekend, he chatted with us about what fans can expect from his stand-up, what he's been up to lately, and his wild times with the late Rick James.

New Times: We are excited to hear you are coming back to Miami, Mr. Murphy.
Charlie Murphy: I have done shows in Miami several times. I have been to Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville. I have been to all of Florida.

We're going to assume Miami is your favorite out of all of those.
I am very big fan. I am jealous of you all. You have summer year-round. The beach, all of that, you guys have it all going on. That orange juice is fresh too.

Does Charlie Murphy hit the town when he is in the 305?
Oh yeah. I go to B.E.D., Mansion. I love going out when I am there. Nothing like it.

Every time we have been to the Miami Improv, everyone seems pretty wasted. Does that mean Miami crowds are easier to make laugh?
That makes it a little harder, actually. People can get a little silly sometimes, you know what I mean? It's all fun, though.

So, does that mean the Improv patron crowds are good to you?
Absolutely. I wouldn't come there if they weren't. If we go somewhere, it's because I want to go there. It's not about the money. I have been there three times and always love it.

What can fans expect from your stand-up show?
Same thing as last time. I'm going to make you laugh. If you got to a basketball game, you watch basketball. Same concept as my show, but with comedy.

Is the Charlie we saw on the Chappelle's Show the same Charlie you get on stage?
If I was anything else, I would be phony. There is only one Charlie Murphy. The same one shows up as the one you have seen before.

Do you miss doing that show as much as we miss watching it?
No, because I am still working. Me and Will Sasso from MADTv just did a movie. It's the same thing as any gig, you go in front of the camera and do your part. If that all stopped, maybe I would miss something, but I am still working.

Do people yell "Charlie Murphy!" at you everywhere you go?
It depends. It's not everywhere I go. There is a time and place for it. Sometimes it's not appropriate for the places I go, you know what I am saying? But for the most part, I get it every day. I don't mind it-- it's love.

Our favorite outtake from Chappelle's Show is when Rick James told you, "Let's go to the abyss." Can we go too?
The abyss is a free fall, you know what I am saying? You go where you like, you do what you like, and there are no rules. It's not a good place to go.  A lot of people don't come back. I made it back, yes I did.

How do you think your brother Eddie is going to do hosting the Oscars?
I think he is going to do great.

Will you be giving him any pointers?
That is his thing and I am doing my thing. He's a grown man.

Does being his brother snag you an invite?
No, there is no reason for me to attend. I got shows to do. I'll be watching my brother at home on my television. I don't want have to sit in a tuxedo all night having to act a certain way.

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