Catwalk at the Garret Sends Legs, Wigs and Shade Flying Everywhere (Video)

So you think you can vogue? The bad bitches of Catwalk will have the final say on that.

We braved the runway Sunday to check out the Garret's fiercely fabulous monthly, giving local ballroom enthusiasts a chance to strut their stuff and win some cash - if they dare.

There was a lot of shade being thrown around the dark room. The beats were hard and the wigs were whippin' all over the place. We caught up with some of the best voguers on hand, as well as resident DJs Gooddroid and Bonnie Beats to learn a little more about the culture and why this is an event everyone in Miami needs to see for themselves.

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The local scene is just developing, but Ballroom has been a culturally-rich and varied institution for decades.

"Ballroom culture started in the late '70s, early '80s, based out of New York," Gooddroid said. "It's a lot of kids that were rejected form their families, ejected form their homes for being gay, and they formed their own homes."

These new familial "fraternities" are called "houses," the leader of which is called the "mother" or the "father." Some famous houses include House of Ninja, House of Ebony or House of LaBeija. Often named after famous designers and brands, style is half the battle when you want to be a legendary Vogue star.

Participants of Catwalk go head to head for the chance to win $200, but it's really the pride in knowing you're the judges favorite that gets a dancer all wet. Each last Sunday of the month, organizers welcome new faces and new guest judges, and a new sponsorship from Stoli Vodka promises the liquor stays flowing. Cover is free, so there's no excuse not to come check it out. You've probably seen nothing like it.

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