Carlos Mencia Talks Chappelle's Show, Illegal Immigrants, and Whether He's a Joke Thief

Read part two of Cultist's interview with Mencia.

When Carlos Mencia first brought racist road signs, Peter Boyle reading hate mail, and terrorist snacks to the American television audience in July 2005, certain critics slagged him as Comedy Central's cheap replacement for Dave Chappelle.

The formula: Start with a standup-and-sketch format, swap nigger for wetback, shake for four weeks, and then premiere. In the Mind of Mencia pilot, Mencia even tried to preempt the criticism with a knockoff title sequence and the objection, "Stop! What am I, the resident beaner now? I'm supposed to sit around and tell jokes about burritos and tacos?"

Earlier this week, Cultist asked Mencia about replacing Dave Chappelle, Arizona's border panic, and the repeated accusations of stealing jokes.

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