car2go Ridesharing Service Brings Free Brunch to Miami Drivers

If you're too lazy to take up biking but too broke to buy a vehicle of your own, you're about to have an option other than incessantly pestering your friends for free rides.

car2go ridesharing service is making its Miami debut. And they come bearing free brunch.

This membership based service will let you pick up a fuel-efficient car at one of dozens of locations all over MIA and take it for a spin -- all billed at 38 cents per minute. To get Miamians all psyched up, the company is launching two upcoming Ride & Drive brunch events on July 28 and 29 at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar and Baru Urbano, respectively.

More about free brunch later. For now, let's talk service deets.

The ride? An itty bitty blue and white smart fortwo, 240 of them. To borrow one will run 38 cents a minute plus tax, which includes the costs of fuel, parking, service, insurance, maintenance, mileage, etc. The per hour max is $13.99, and the per day max is $72.99 (plus tax, natch). After 150 miles, the cost goes up to 45 cents per minute. And there is a one-time $35 registration fee. (More expensive than a rental car, yes, but way more convenient.)

Other car2go cities include San Diego, Austin, Washington D.C., and several European and Canadian locales. Communications Manager Katie Stafford said Miami was a natural choice for the company's next city:

"As one of the most populated and largest urban areas in the U.S., the City of Miami is a vibrant city that we believe is going to be a great fit. The car2go model of carsharing, when used alongside other forms of public transportation, serves to alleviate congestion, reduce emissions and help maintain and even improve the overall quality of life for those who live in, work in, and visit Miami."

Sounds like corporate-speak for "Y'all's car situation in this town is stupid, and we're here to help."

So how does it all work? Any driver in good standing can qualify, and registration is done online. They're currently waiving the registration fee for users who use promo code HEAT. (Way to capitalize on our Miami pride, guys.)

Once signed up, users can press and hold their member card to the windshield reader, and the car will magically unlock. When done, drivers can park it anywhere in their area of operation and walk away unhindered. Cars can be reserved ahead of time or just picked up on a whim.

Note: This is definitely more high-tech than most transportation services found in the city of Miami. Speaking of which, can we get Pay by Phone parking on South Beach already? Do we have to beg?

Users don't have to worry about gas, insurance, cleaning or any other such annoyances that come with car ownership. However, if you get a ticket or any other kind of violation, you still have to pay it.

Now back to brunch.

Interested drivers can stop by Wynwood Kitchen & Bar at 2550 NW 2nd Ave. on July 28 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or Baru Urbano Brickell at 1001 S Miami Ave. on July 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for free public Ride & Drive events where they'll score free registration, 30 free minutes of driving time, and free brunch (while supplies last).

The events also offer the chance to win car2go Miami tee shirts, wayfarer sunglasses, free driving minutes in the "Minutes Machine booth" and other car2go swag.

So hit the road, Jack. The city awaits.

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