Budsies: New Florida Company Turns Your Drawings Into Adorable Stuffed Animals

Remember being bored as a kid or teen, and doodling up some imaginary characters in your notebook when you should have been paying attention during lectures? Actually, that sounds very much like your college days, too.... and like your behavior during meetings at the office today. What if those doodles didn't have to die each time you tossed out your notes? What if you could turn your mindless animation into a real, tangible thing?

Think three dimensional, but not like a 3D printer. More like a hand-sewed, fuzzy buddy -- a Budsies, to be exact. Budsies is a Florida company, headquartered in Boynton Beach, which celebrated its launch not more than a month ago. Budsies takes a drawing, any drawing, and turns it into a quality plush toy for you to cherish and keep forever.

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Carolina del Busto is a freelance writer for Miami New Times. She nurtured her love of words at Boston College before moving back home to Miami and has been covering arts and culture in the Magic City since 2013.