Blood, Guts, and Bodies: Zombie Extras Needed for Play Dead Shoot Tonight

Last week you learned how to play the living dead from the experts, so tonight it's your chance to show the world what you can zombie with the best of them. On film no less.

The Meza-Valdes Brothers are filming the big zombie scene for their upcoming film Play Dead tonight at Primary Flight's old abandoned RC Cola Factory.  Show up as early as you can to be part of Miami film history -- the flick is one of 12 commissioned for the Borscht Film Festival later this year. Read on for details and directions.

Directors are looking for all able bodied zombie extras this side of the City of Miami Cemetary for the shoot starting at 5 p.m. Even if you didn't make the workshop last week, organizers say they'll take anybody willing to get bloody and throw a fit --  we figure they should have their hands full.

Get their as early as possible as make up starts at 5 p.m sharp. The shoot is expected to go until at least midnight with professional stuntment choreographing the action. Organizers say that zombie clothes will be provided for extras, but advise to wear something you don't mind getting dirty just in case.

Early and unofficial billing has Play Dead being touted as the cutest zombie movie ever shot. The plot surrounds a pack of dogs trying to survive in post-apocalyptic Miami after a zombie infection.

Those interested show up at 550 NW 24th Street in Wynwood. 

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