Bill Maher Zings Local Jesus 2.0

It's a shame Politically Incorrect isn't on anymore (mostly because you could imagine all the horse shit famous people would have to say about this election, but also because Jimmy Kimmel has that time slot now), but it's left Bill Maher more time to pursue other projects, like his upcoming Comedy/Documentary Religulous which hits theaters this Friday (local showtime here).

He hit up CBS's Early Show this week and screened a clip where he interviews Miami cult leader José Luis de Jesús Miranda, a man New Times spent some time with two and half years ago.

Maher: Who are you biblically?

Jesús Miranda: I am Jesus Christ, man. The second coming of Jesus Christ, I am.

Maher: Not just because you share the name Jesús?

Jesús Miranda: No, No, no...

Maher: Because you also share the name Miranda. Maybe you're Carmen Miranda. Maybe you're the second coming of her. You should have fruit on your head, instead of fruit in your head.

The flick, shot by Borat director Larry Charles, satirizes organized religion, and Maher interviews people involved in sects like Jews for Jesus and the Raëlian Movement and basically pisses off any one of faith. But it seems like if one segment offends you, you'll be laughing at the wacko religion featured in the next.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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