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Behind the Scenes of Play Dead: Zombies Get Blown Up (Video)

Things just got serious. And way cool. Wynwood was the scene of some late night filmmaking magic last week as the Borscht Film Festival production Play Dead brought zombies, explosions, and post-apocalyptic poodles to the neighborhood. Filming went on until late-night and early morning Friday (can you say a 5 a.m. wrap) and even brought out the uninvited fuzz but we'd expect nothing less from the gore-loving, film making, brother tandem of Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes.

We know the flick is in for some stiff competition with the likes of Uncle Luke, etc., but mixing the undead with fire and pets all on a graffiti-covered set in the middle of Wynwood has us thinking Play Dead might be the fan favorite at Borscht next month. And the producers of the flick aren't hurting their cause either. They put together a behind the scenes video of what went down. Check it out after the jump.

Play Dead: Behind the Scenes Teaser from Borscht Film Festival on Vimeo.

During the filming over 50 actors were used, with professional stunt

crew JCB Stunts choreographing two 30-foot explosions, a man on fire

shot, and spraying over 80 rounds of machine gun blanks at the old RC

Cola factory. There was so much action that four cop cars rolled up on

the scene after getting multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired and

loud screams. We'll say.

The team filming Play Dead includes directors the Meza-Valdes brothers,

producers Jonathan David Kane and Cory Czajkowski, production manager Tim Roach, director of photography Daniel Fernandez,

and stars Eric Anderson and Nick Ducassi. The film is being produced in

association with Primary Flight and because Borscht matches filmmakers

with musicians, Rachel Goodrich and Amigo the Devil will be providing

the soundtrack. Oh, and don't forget those mangy mutts. You might

remember a couple of them, Haylee and Cruiser, from their last movie

Marley and Me.


Play Dead will premier at the Borscht Film Festival on April 23 at the Knight Concert Hall at the Arsht Center.

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