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Bar's White-on-White Makeover Courtesy of Bert Rodriguez

Courtesy of Bar/O.H.W.O.W.
Bert Rodriguez

has changed its look for the fifth time. Now 

prolific Miami artist Bert Rodriguez

 takes a stab at luring drunk hipsters into the 14th Street watering hole.

The new black-and-white makeover at first seems simplistic, but take a closer look. The most drastic change: Bar's iconic "black bar" hanging on the building's facade has been painted white. Gasp! That means everyone who has been erroneously calling the place "Black Bar" or "Bar Black" need to find a new name. We'd suggest "White Bar" if it just didn't sound so racist. Then again, general manager Raul Sanchez has told us the correct phonetic pronunciation of the symbol is and has always been Bar.

But there's more! Rodriguez is introducing patrons to a new experience. "Bars are typically dark, so people can't really see or interact

with each other. I wanted the space to disappear so all that's left is

you. There's nowhere to hide."

Patrons are encouraged to

leave their mark on the new, stark-white walls. "The public can use

materials behind the bar to graffiti the walls." The catch? All the "materials" are white as well. Rodriguez's quirky alterations don't stop there. At first glance, his black and white look seems facile -- reminiscent of Freegum's first look for the place. But take a closer look at the white walls and you'll notice there are subtle white-on-white taggings all over. You are a sneaky one, Bert.

Check out more of Bar's makeover courtesy of O.H.W.O.W.

Courtesy of Bar/O.H.W.O.W.

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