Art Meow-sel: O Cinema's Purrfect Answer To Art Basel

Sometimes a title alone can inspire interest. (Think Naked Coeds or 1000 Faceplants You Don't Want to Miss.) Such is the case with O Cinema's week-long transmedia event, Art Meow-sel. Has a nice ring to it, no?

Art Meow-sel exhibits include "Cat Art: The Good, The Bad, The Unbelievable & Other Ridiculousness"; "Bad Cat Art"; and "The Man's Multi-Colored Post-It Movie Cat Wall." There'll also be a "CATWANG Photo Booth," whatever that is, plus an appearance by Miss Gremlin De La Bushes, works by Cat Del Buono, Diana Leidel, Antonia Catherine, plus an "I must have that sh*t" Pop Cultural Tchotchkes Sale.

Acolytes of the Absurd, it's time to swoon now (or, more appropriately, meow.)

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Here's a list of some other Meow-sel exhibits you meow be interested in:


Filmmaker Lily Baldwin breathes life into the thriller genre by using dance and pop mashups to investigate themes of identity, mortality, and memory.

Melanie Abramov uses video to explore the intersection of sexual attraction and beauty.

Score Your Night
An interactive film and music event in which you pick the genre and musicians score short films -- in real time.

Pussy Grotto: the North American House Cat in its Natural Environment
Cara Despain's video work explores animal populations in different cities and compares them to humans.

What Cute Can Do For You (and what it can't): A Lecture on the Functionality of Cute
This one needs no explanation, but we'll give you one anyway. "Cute expert" Micol Hebron's lecture is enhanced with "supplemental ruminations" featuring Breadhead Cat Cara Despain. Well, 'explanation' may not be the right word.

If you're tired of all the Baseling, hate money, smell like patchouli, and worship Andy Warhol, you'll probably get a kick out of Art Meow-sel.

Art Meow-sel begins this Wednesday, December 5 and runs through Sunday, December 9 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Some video and film installations have special screening times. Get high on the catnip at O Cinema Wynwood (90 NW 29th Street, Miami). Visit o-cinema.org.

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