Around Town: Cold War Kids, Hold Steady, Cuba Nostalgia, and Yann Martel

What's the plan this weekend? Huddle up. Club kids, make a beeline for Space's 10-year Anniversary party. Hipsters, stampede the Cold War Kids/Hold Steady concert then barter your labels at Swap Miami. Older Cubans, flip through old yearbooks and vintage Beny Moré recordings at Cuba Nostalgia. High brow set, listen to author Yann Martel, before watching a Mamet play and a ballet inspired by Don Quixote. Break!


  • Remember Diesel's Santogold concert? It seems like us po'folk only get to see the big name acts when mega-brands have a large-scale marketing push. Tonight, Heineken is throwing a free concert with the Cold War Kids and The Hold Steady in the Design District. Think there'll be more than green bottles to drink? 
  • Step into the time warp that is Cuba Nostalgia, a three-day fest celebrating the good old days before Castro came along and eff'd everything up. Know any Marielitos? There'll be a booth where they can sign up and document their successes since making landfall in 1980.
  • See a 65-year-old rapper/superhero named Blowfly throw down rhymes at Churchill's.
  • Also tonight, Minnesota indie soul band Black Blondie plays a free show at the King Is Dead lounge. Venue change: They'll now play at Bardot and open for Juke.


  • Green Sky brings "brutal Melvins-meets-Sabbath tuneage" to an in-store performance at Sweat.
  • You'll have the chance to purge your closests this Saturday and score some new (to you) duds. The first-ever Swamp Miami will attract all income-level fashionistas to Wynwood's Cafeina.
  • From the reviews of Beatrice and Virgil, it sounds like Yann Martel wrote a novel about a writer trying to get a second book published after his first animal tale hits it big. Hear the Life of Pi author explain it all on Saturday at Books & Books.
  • If this were Ancient Greece and the clubs were gods, Club Space would be Zeus. The megaclub celebrates its 10 years in the biz this Saturday.


  • Our theater critic claims that it's worth enduring Miami's May humidity to catch the Pinecrest Rep's outdoor production of David Mamet's Oleanna.
  • Also on Sunday, the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami stages Don Quixote at the Fillmore in Miami Beach. Come see the fantastical tale on point.

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