ABC Family Enlists Glee Producer to Develop Musical Comedy Maid in Miami

According to Deadline, singer-actress Christina Milian is in negotiations to star in a new ABC Family sitcom set in South Florida. Titled Maid in Miami, the new show is in development by Rita Rocks creators Stan Zimmerman and James Berg, and Glee executive music producer Adam Anders. Millian will play a maid who doesn't actually want to be a maid (who does?).

And since this is a channel for tweens (and younger), we're guessing the storyline won't veer into a Dominique-Strauss-Kahn-at-the-Sofitel-Hotel direction. Glee's Anders is involved, so ABC Family is probably trying to tap into the musical comedy wave. For more on how we feel about that, read our Five Reason We Hate Glee.

No word yet on whether the series will be filmed locally (like Burn

Notice, Charlie's Angels, and Magic City) or on some soundstage in L.A.

(a la Dexter). Still, it's flattering to have our home city cropping up in

another TV project -- one that doesn't involve prisons, violence, or

former wives of famous athletes.

Actress Milian, although born in New Jersey, has Cuban

parents so she seems like a good choice to rep the local community. And with three albums

behind her and another in the works, she also has the chops to break

into housecleaning-inspired song. She's been consistently nominated

for awards for her voice from Teen Choice to the Grammy's. She was also

nominated for a BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for

Be Cool.

Below she dips it low for you. ABC Family might have a tough time turning down this gal's sex appeal. Is that BP petrol she's writhing around in?

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