$500 Million In Masterpieces at Gary Nader's Joe Berardo Collection Opening (Photos)

Last night, Gary Nader, the world's top collector of Latin American art, opened his gallery to Portuguese billionaire Joe Berardo, who received a key to the City of Miami for making it rain $500 million worth of masterpieces in one big room. The top floor of the Nader space is fully stocked with works by Warhol, Stella, Basquiat, Picasso, and more blue chips than a night in Montecarlo.

Russian ballers, Brazilian kingpins, social climbers, and a sports legend were all there to partake, but while two years ago, the gallery was serving up unlimited, free, Johnny Walker Blue for an opening, this year there were just three measly bars of top shelf liquor on hand. (#artbaselproblems). The show is now open to the public (62 NE 27 St, Wynwood), awesome, and 100% free. Here's some of what it looks like.

Miami Heat fan favorite and house loving DJ Rony Seikaly checked out the show.

This piece by Paula Rego is called The Barn.

And this Diego Rivera piece called Nardo (Nude With Flowers).

There are literal tons of Botero sculptures downstairs, and this prized piece up the steps.

Here are a couple of Picasso plates.

Expensive art makes you feel rich too.

Chicks wore all kinds of shoes

A lot of them had spikes

Art work on walls, art work behind walls

This long hall of work is dominated by Picasso ceramics

Check the brushwork on this De Chirico from 1928. That's the hand of a master painter

Some of the work on display is abstract, like this one, a 1983 piece by Francis Bacon called Oedipus and The Sphinx After Ingres

And if you need a frame of reference

Here's a 1938 Victor Brauner called Le Chevalier de Glace in oil on canvas

And though he's more well known for splatters, here's a Jackson Pollock from sometime between 1938-41 simply titled Head

An exploding pile of gore in Adriana Varejao's 1999 Tilework With Horizontal Incision is a standout piece

And there's a whole series of Frank Stella sculptures on display 

Here's a view of 2 Picasso vessels and a plate depicting a bullfight

Haven't figured out if this is a dude with a massive dong, or a girl riding one, but it's huge either way

Downstairs with Cuban master Wilfredo Lam and two sexy models

Man Ray all day

Plenty of places to sit and enjoy the work

Another awesome Lam

This is a 1964 drawing on heliographic paper by Marcel Duchamp called Plan du Porte Bouteilles

More spikes

A small, graceful Botero

And another Picasso

Posted up in a back room

Works of art

Karen Dubitsky with Damien Hirst

Another way to look at it

Picasso bullfight closeup details

Lam rules

Hasta la vista

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