The Ten Best Cookies in Miami

The Ten Best Cookies in MiamiEXPAND
Courtesy of Chez Bon Bon

The doughnut craze is hitting Miami hard. And before that, the macaron had its chance to shine (though short-lived). But the cookie is a classic — and just like fashion, classics will never go out of style.

Whether they’re ooey-gooey or chewy, mini or massive, vegan or Paleo, cookies come in all shapes, sizes, and ingredients to satisfy any sweet tooth. Of course, nothing beats homemade recipes freshly made from Granny’s oven, but there are some cookies found in unlikely pizzerias and bakeries that’ll warm your soul. These are the ones worth stealing from the cookie jar.

But don’t — because the best things in life are sweet, not free. Which spots roll out the best dough in the Magic City? Read on to find out. Please note, however, that milk is not included.

The Ten Best Cookies in Miami (2)
Courtesy of Big Pink

10. Big Pink
SoFi’s retro late-night diner isn’t named Big Pink for nothin’. The plates are huge. The servings are colossal. And the giant double-chocolate chunk cookie is just that — giant. But opt out of this monstrous dessert and go for some smaller, handheld treats: fried Oreos. Priced at $10.95, America’s favorite cookies are battered, deep-fried, covered in powdered sugar, and served warm with vanilla ice cream. They’re perfect for sharing — or not.

The Ten Best Cookies in Miami (3)
Photo by Carla Torres

9. Limited Edition Caffe & Vino Buono
Located inside the Ironside Miami Complex, Limited Edition Caffe & Vino Buono boasts melt-in-your-mouth creations that may very well be what dreams are made of. It could be the way chef Jeff Maxfield has perfected his hand-crafted recipes or the fact that he creates the raw cookie dough daily. Regardless, these confections are anything but cookie-cutter boring. Try the mud slide ($2) for a taste of double-chocolate-chip heaven. Finishing the last crumb snaps you back to reality.

The Ten Best Cookies in Miami (4)EXPAND
Courtesy of Batch Gastropub

8. Batch Gastropub
Owner Kevin Danilo knew what he was doing when he put the eight-dollar cast-iron cookie on the menu. Its warm, crisp edges; soft, gooey center; and vanilla bean ice-cream topping make this dangerously delicious dessert difficult to resist. And that’s why many customers can't muster up the willpower to avoid this treat. From time to time, the Batch crew also bakes special-edition cast-iron cookies, also $8, using Reese’s Minis and M&M’s for those with an overindulgent sweet tooth.

The Ten Best Cookies in Miami (5)
Photo by Carla Torres

7. Insomnia
Cookie is the name of the game at Insomnia, where decadent morsels such as snickerdoodles, M&M, double-chocolate mint, and oatmeal-raisin are offered for pickup or delivered to your door daily. You can eat them however your heart desires — by themselves, with ice cream on top, or as an ice-cream sandwich. Plus, they’re definitely Instagram-worthy. Make your followers drool when you order a box of a dozen ($16) or two dozen ($24). But one cookie ($1.50) works fine too.

The Ten Best Cookies in Miami (6)EXPAND
Courtesy of The Genuine Hospitality Group

6. Harry’s Pizzeria
Not only does Harry’s serve fantastic pizza, but this Design District joint by James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz also bakes another kind of circular goodness. Four bucks gets you the famed chocolate chunk cookie served warm on a plate. One bite into this delicious delicacy causes a surge of lava in the form of chocolate. Another bite and it's gone.

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