American Apparel Will Sell NADA Miami Beach Clothing During Art Basel

Marina Abramovic. Andy Warhol. Banksy. Dov Charney.

One of these things is not like the others, and that thing is Charney, the provocative, perpetually molester-glasses wearing American Apparel founder and CEO. He's known as much for the claims of sexual harassment against him as he is for fostering the modern hipster aesthetic. And now, like Abramovic, Warhol, and Banksy, he'll be showing work in Miami during Art Basel. Well, kind of.

American Apparel has teamed up with the New Art Dealers Association (NADA) to release a line of artist-designed clothing during NADA Miami Beach 2013.

According to today's announcement, NADA by American Apparel will release one limited edition item of clothing on each day of NADA Miami Beach's run from Dec. 5-8 this year. Four artists have been tapped to design a clothing item:

  • New York's Anya Kieler, known for her work exploring the female form (much like Charney -- hey-oh!)
  • Andrew Kuo, another New Yorker whose art tackles everyday life topics like sports and music
  • Cary Leibowitz, a multimedia artist who sometimes goes by the name "Candy Ass" (much like Charney -- zing!)
  • and Scott Reeder -- no, not the drummer from Fu Manchu, but the artist and filmmaker from Detroit.

The designs (and their predictably mind-boggling price tags) haven't yet been released. But American Apparel promises the items will be available online, as well as in "select stores in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles" (AKA only the cool ones) and at a pop-up shop (how very hip) at NADA itself.

But remember: this some limited-edition swag. If we know our faux artsy types (and oh, we think we do), it'll be a knock-down, drag-out race to snag the goods.

Hipsters of Miami, start your engines.

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