Chris Brown at American Airlines Arena October 5

Team Breezy isn't just a gang of crazy wife-beaters and delusional, masochistic teenage girls. All types — tweens, thugs, and grandmas alike — have stood behind Chris Brown, even after he pummeled Rihanna, trashed Good Morning America's studio, and spewed homophobic slurs at the paparazzi.

Of course, no one has forgotten that Brown and Rihanna's volatile, yearlong relationship ended in 2009 when he attacked the "Disturbia" singer just hours before the Grammy Awards, allegedly biting and punching her. But it seems that plenty of people have forgiven him.

Normally, beating the crap out of your famous girlfriend is a really bad career move. And more important, it makes you a certain kind of monster. But Brown is gifted. And apparently, those who support him value true talent above all else.

Fans have stood behind Chris Brown.
Fans have stood behind Chris Brown.

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Chris Brown: With T-Pain and Tyga. 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 5, at American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 786-777-1000; Tickets cost $36.75 to $147.75 plus fees via

Even Rosie O'Donnell has come to Breezy's defense. Tweeting in response to the media backlash that resulted from Brown's minirampage at Good Morning America, the comedian apologized for the pop-hopper, writing, "He was held accountable–he did his service–the judge commended him–he grew up in a violent home–he is only 21."

Many white rockers — and even Yanni — have been accused of domestic abuse. And though they weren't all charged, their transgressions seem to fade speedily from our collective pop-culture memory. Meanwhile, there have been plenty of other supertalented people with generally shitty personal lives, such as R. Kelly and Michael Jackson.

We're not saying that physically assaulting your girlfriend or peeing on a 15-year-old or cuddling with a young Macaulay Culkin is acceptable conduct. But this kind of bad behavior doesn't necessarily negate a charismatic star's ability to entertain.

Prior to Brown's many transgressions, the media and fans frequently compared him to the King of Pop for something other than being a fuckup. And even today, his smooth dance moves and hot, buttery voice are proof that Brown has what it takes to be a legend. He pumps out hit single after hit single, collaborating with newbies like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne while also hooking up with old-school stars like T-Boz and Busta Rhymes. His latest album, F.A.M.E. (an abbreviation for Forgiving All My Enemies and Fans Are My Everything) debuted at number one on the Billboard 100. And Brown even acted in and produced the film Takers.

So, is Team Breezy onto something? Life is not always simple, people make mistakes, and hurt people hurt other people. Sometimes our domestic brawls end up on national television. Other times they stay in the bedroom. Either way, they all suck.

It's true that Chris Brown oozes talent from every pore of his hyperaggressive being. And maybe we should forgive his youthful transgressions and embrace his pop superstardom. But then again, maybe not.

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Liz Tracy is a RACIST!


I also find it so telling that you would bring up the departed Michael Jackson and R.Kelly both of whom went were acquitted of all charges. But you don't bring up men like Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson who were convicted of assault. I wonder why? Why do I feel that Liz is white.

It's just the reality. Race is one of your hang ups. Why else were you itching to use the word "thug" in the first sentence to describe his fans, when many of his fans happen to be African American. He doesn't need your forgiveness because he is paying back his debt to society, not to Liz Tracy of a Miami newspaper. The reality is he has to go above and beyond to impress the white race. It really doesn't matter. He's accomplished more in 22 years musically than you will ever accomplish Liz in whatever it is that you do. Because journalism is not it.

That's it. You are mad because he's worth an estimated 22 million dollars and to make it worse he's young and BLACK! Deal.


Did you just call his fans or anyone who likes his music when it comes on the radio thugs? Is this what passes as journalism these days? It seems every week Chris Brown continues to thrive in his career, someone asks, should we forgive him in an article? It gets old quickly.

Bottom Line: He was a 19 yr old teenage boy. Teenager's are the one group capable of change rather easily. The GMA thing didn't result in an arrest because no one can prove he did anything. And to be fair, he is in a long list of celebs who have trashed a room. And the homophobic slur he used was "that's gay." Yeah that's really horrible. Let's hang him for what I hear everyday. Not that big of a deal in my opinion. I hear worse on TV comedies. It does not mean he has hatred for gay people. He's a dancer for God's sake in the music industry.

And to be honest, paparazzi don't deserve roses.

No one every prints the good he does. The charity work he's done since he was a kid for Best Buddies which helps disabled kids. He's donated his time and money, without the press. People aren't evil. They have good sides to them. It seems easy to want to bash him, but if you ever met him, you would come away impressed by how nice the guy is.

He's talented. You said it yourself. Smooth voice, great dance skills and a really good songwriter who I believe should not be judged for the rest of his life for something he did as a teen. And seems to me that pop and urban radio and the public agrees with me. #1 album. A headliner on his own tour. Movies. TV appearances which gain great records. For instance, this summer he broke the record for most spectators at a Today Show concert, besting Lady Gaga and Coldplay. 18,000 people! Are you going to call them thugs? Because many of them happen to be African American?His appearance on SNL had good ratings and his appearance on Dancing With The Stars had the best ratings for a premiere week episode.

He brings in the money. He brings the talent. And most people, unlike you Liz, are willing to give this young BLACK man a second chance, because this country believes in it. You can continue to judge his MILLIONS of fans, but he will continue to be successful while you stew in hatred.

And just to correct you, its not just radio that has moved on. It's the industry. He was nominated for 3 GRAMMY awards this year. How many nominations do you have? He also has fans of all ages. From the really young to teens to middle aged men and women. I saw him in Toronto earlier this month and I saw plenty of middle-aged people at his show. And they weren't there with their kids.

Jules Winnfield
Jules Winnfield


Linda Green
Linda Green

that is right i am a grandmother and yes i am oneofTEAMBREEZY i stuck with him i seen how the media took try to stop this child and let charlie sheen seann peann emenium reaptead offender who beat their girlfreinds wives and sing about what they did and get grammys and given roasted for charlie sheen and their faces were worst then rhinna move on


"Haters BROADCAST your failures, but WHISPER your accomplishments"......or in the case of Liz Tracy, she TOTALLY IGNORES them. After reading the headline, I thought the article was going to be about the FAME Tour. Boy, was I wrong!!!!! Starting with sentence 1, Ms. Tracy let you know in NO uncertain terms that she despises Chris Brown and Team Breezy. As a member of Team Breezy, I take offense at the generalizations used by Ms. Tracy. As expressed earlier, Team Breezy does NOT support the actions taken by Chris Brown on that fateful night. But, like his trial judge, we have seen him take responsibility for his actions. Judge Patricia Schnegg ( surely a good JUDGE of character) said, "Out of thousands of probationers, NO ONE has done a better or more consistent job than you have and I want to COMMEND you for taking responsibility and for working diligently to complete all the things the court has required of you." Ms. Tracy, you have a ONE-SIDED view of Chris Brown, and NO CONCEPT of who Team Breezy is. Much like Chris Brown, we are NOT PERFECT. We are human and we make mistakes, and we understand the words REDEMPTION and FORGIVENESS. Team Breezy cannot be pigeon-holed into the small box you have for us. I guess I'm surprised that a journalist wouldn't do a thorough story on an artist or his fanbase. This article is something I would expect to read in MediaTakeOut or Gather, but not this site. How could you NOT mention that Chris Brown is one of the HOTTEST acts out right now. He set the Today Morning Show Concert Series attendance record this summer and he also posted good rating numbers when he was on Saturday Night Live and Dancing with the stars. He was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, several BET Music Awards and recently a MTV Video Award. His performance on the aforementioned MTV Award is still being talking about for its innovativeness. I really didn't expect you to write about his charity work with special needs kids because that would really mess up your BASH Chris Brown story. You wouldn't dare tell that because that would show a side to him that you dont want known. HOwever, I did expect a headline that proclaimed "Chris Brown comes to American Airlines ARena" to discuss the FAME Tour and how well it has been received. Fans and critics alike have raved about this concert. I guess I expect to much from today's journalists. Now, its all about sensationalism and NOT the truth. But, at least I know where you stand. Could you please post the links to your article on Eminem and his bashing of Kim, and Sean Penn and his baseball bat attacks on Madonna. I'm sure they will be as riveting as your "cough" unbiased article about Chris Brown. I await the links Ms. Tracy.

Sharlyn Rosa Harris
Sharlyn Rosa Harris

"Team Breezy isn't just a gang of crazy wife-beaters and delusional, masochistic teenage girls."

How can you say that we support what he did in the past ? Because that's what you are implying. I DO NOT support what Christopher did in the past. I am here to support his talent and his music. I am here to support the fact that he's trying to become a better person. I am here to support the fact that even if he is NOT perfect - and NOBODY is - he is humble enough to learn from his mistakes. You are not Jesus or Buddha to come here and write such stupidity like that. At least, you recognize that Christopher is talented.

But this statement "Team Breezy isn't just a gang of crazy wife-beaters and delusional, masochistic teenage girls" is unacceptable.

God bless you and your family.

Roy LoudStreets
Roy LoudStreets

Teen thugs and Grandmas stood behind Chris?!! wow! I'd like to see the survey you've conducted to arrive at such a conclusion. Although somehow, you managed to include ONLY Mr kells & MJ in your rant (even thought they were acquitted of all allegations)=> where is CHARLIE SHEEN! MEL GIBSON! SEAN PENN!?=>oh I forgot WHITE CRIMES DONT COUNT!

Liz Liz Liz Tracy=> please find a seat and reflect a bit on the vicious hate and racist cycle you have attempted to instigate here again today. If words like forgiveness & redemption don't mean anything to your "mature thug gang" then MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS i.e you race.

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