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StreetRunner's got beats for every day of the week.

And still, he probably most enjoys working with Fat Joe. "He always brings the best out of me. He takes it to the level," he says, "and makes sure that I come with it." Lacing two of the best tracks off Fat Joe's last LP, Me, Myself & I, StreetRunner provides two more for The Elephant in the Room, due out March 11, including the intro and the superhard "Kill All Rats." "I get influenced in so many ways while he works on an album, because so many people present [tracks] to Joe. Hopefully this album will do something special; regardless of the sales, it's going to be a classic."

StreetRunner: “I’m like breakneck right here with these beats.”
Evan Rosenfeld
StreetRunner: “I’m like breakneck right here with these beats.”


StreetRunner's We Run the Streets mixtape with DJ L-Gee is now available. Look out for his beats on Fat Joe's latest album, The Elephant in the Room, due out Tuesday. Visit

Rolling percussion, chopped samples, synthesizers, sped-up and slowed-down vocals — StreetRunner can do it all, but growing from just a beat maker to a true producer means stepping out of one's element as an artist. In addition to the aforementioned hip-hop heavyweights, he has begun to branch out into R&B and pop with a record for local boy Casely, as well as a possible spot on Jamie Foxx's next album. "I have to come with music for all kinds of different artists. Whatever artist it may be, I need to have that heat ready to go for them," he says. "That's where I've grown as a producer. Before, I was dead-set, like, this is my style no matter what. Now, instead of it just being me and what I'm about, I'm working on trying to do something for them."

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