Program Notes 27

And Johnny Tonite: This is a champeen band folks, featuring veterans Randy Ruffner and Pete Moss ripping out rockers with heart and soul and brains. They play tomorrow (Thursday) at Coyote (in the Cactus Cantina space). Can't wait to see the new members who are joining Moss and Ruffner.

This whole weekend at Rose's Bar and Music Lounge is gonna burn, with the Soul Messengers. Delmar Brown, the veteran keyboardist et cetera joining Arthur Barron. Brown has toured with everyone from Miles to Bruce to Jaco. I heard his tape -- hot. Wear your best asbestos suit.

Where did it all begin? I don't know, but I remember a hundred years ago seeing a lot of a band called Live Bait, because they were really cool. They're not only still around, they're still kicking it. Just back from performing in Athens, Georgia, the band's leader, Newell Bate, says tonight's concert at Musicians Exchange will cover Live Bait's lengthy and productive career.

Mary Karlzen's "I'd Be Lying," which has been playing on CMT, recently premiered on TNN and has been added to CMT in Europe.

Bob Bonnen is turning Wednesdays at Hooligan's Briar Bay into a mostly acoustic jam and party with the emphasis on supporting the performers whether they're Rich Kurschners and Delmar Browns or rank amateurs struggling to stay on key. Goes from 8:00 p.m. to midnight.

Butthorn of the week: Everyone who's dumping their problems on Beavis and Butt-Head. As sad as it is that a small child was killed in a trailer fire apparently set by her five year old brother, the mother of the victim, who blames her son's pyro tendencies on the fact he was a Beav fan, is way off base. Hey lady, what in the hell are you doing allowing your five year old to watch such a show in the first damn place? And why were you permitting your little boy to repeatedly play with fire? Forget MTV -- somebody call HRS.

The media circus: Butthorn Frank Gifford who, while announcing Monday Night Football, commented about a crowd shot during which people were goofing around, "What people won't do when that little red [camera] light goes on." This from a man who appears in a TV commercial with his head shaved!

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