Program Notes

Things that are do: You might already know that every first and third Friday of each month is Grateful Dead night at the Island Club, but did you know they serve Owsley Orange Sunshine Ice Cream? Blues bands and soloists who want to compete in the National Amateur Blues Band Competition (the same compo that brought deserved attention to the Roach Thompson Blues Band, which went on to win the national competition as well) on June 28 at Tobacco Road should call Mark "Hobbitt" Weiser immediately at 666-6656. Before disappearing into the vortex of recording their next album, Forget the Name will play a couple of see-ya shows, including one at Reunion Room this Friday. RBT and Agony in the Garden appear live at Churchill's Hideaway, also on Friday.

Speaking of the Church, owner Dave Daniels has some new ideas, the implementation of which begins this week. Thursdays will be turned over to upstart bands (sort of an audition night) who will be videotaped as they perform and will receive the resulting footage. Not only is a solid video a handy promotional tool, but plenty of bands might be surprised to see themselves from the audience's perspective. On Sundays, Daniels is leaning toward the visionary. Frankly, he - and he's not alone here - is sick of Seventies rehashing and the same old same old couched as something worthwhile. With Lonnie Donnegan ringing in his ears, Daniels wants to see the use of unusual instrumentation in experimental form. A trombone here and a kazoo there is nice, and the Volunteers, for one, certainly mix up the sonic artillery, but I think Daniels has something even more drastic in mind. Watch and help this take shape. It might be the beginning of a revolution in Miami's music scene.

One of the good things about Bob Slade's Off the Beaten Path show on WLRN-FM is that you get to hear song titles such as Elvis Hitler's "Super Sado Masochistic Expealidocious."

Butthorn of the week: Power 96 staffers (or so I hear) and other insiders who hogged primo seats at the recent Cure concerts. Let's toss extra bonus 'horns to the Cure, its management, and the show's promoters (Fantasma) for continuing the exploitation of the consumer. It's bad enough that this state is stuck with boneheaded and useless legislation that permits "ticket brokers" to regularly and legally screw us. To have industry types - including music critics, even if they can claim that good comp seats are essential to their work - increasing the unlikelihood that the real fans will get good seats is intolerable.

The media circus: A big thanks to Shelly at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the research assistance. A giant thanks to Rooster Head's Michael Kennedy for everything.

Greg Brown lyric of the week: From 1990's "Worrisome Years" on Down in There: "In the worrisome years/Over the hill/I thought it was supposed to get easier/To pay your bills/I got nothing to show/'Cept a worrisome heart/Can you please tell me/When does the good part start?

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