The Five Best Eggs Benedict in Miami

Classic eggs Benedict at the Continental.
Classic eggs Benedict at the Continental.
Photo by Clarissa Buch

Ah, eggs Benedict. It's one of the most traditional and anticipated dishes on a restaurant's breakfast or brunch menu. Usually, the dish includes two poached eggs, a meat or vegetable, an English muffin, and large drizzle of a gooey yellow sauce. Once broken, the egg's yolk runs throughout the plate, and the English muffin is meant to soak up every last bit of flavor.

Most Miami restaurants have a Benny on the menu. And luckily, many have decided to spice up the classic plate. From soaking poached eggs in a red-wine sauce to serving the dish with a pound of lobster, these five restaurants have mastered the art of the Benedict.

Dolores' short rib eggs BenedictEXPAND
Dolores' short rib eggs Benedict
Photo by Clarissa Buch

5. Short Rib Eggs Benedict at Dolores but You Can Call Me Lolita
Enjoy your Benedict two ways on Dolores' rooftop. Go classic with bacon, or bravely tuck into the short-rib iteration ($12). Instead of using an English muffin as a base, Dolores soaks a crunchy piece of croissant in a butter mix and tops it with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Both versions are served with patatas bravas.

The Five Best Eggs Benedict in Miami
Photo courtesy of Nikki Beach

4. Deconstructed Eggs Benedict Casserole at Nikki Beach
Nikki Beach's deconstructed eggs Benedict won a 2016 Best of Miami award for a reason: It's innovative and consistently tasty. Though it looks like a bowl of yellow mush, it blends the gooeyness and flavor of eggs Benedict with the design of a casserole, forming a tasty and slightly messy weekend treat. It includes all of the traditional ingredients but is baked in a terra cotta cazuela. It's made to order and can include serrano ham, spinach, or salmon.

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