40 NE 11th St.
Miami, FL 33132
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Courtesy of Libertine

For 15 years, Space has ruled Miami's after-hours circuit. And while we're huge fans of dancing till the sun comes up on the terrace, there's one thing that the downtown megaclub is missing: moonshine. Enter Libertine, a new drinking lounge meets speakeasy meets after-hours discotheque conveniently located between Space and Bekkoi (although you'd never guess there was anything there). See that inconspicuous blue door with an awning over it? That's the entrance to this place. Walking down the long hall lined in vintage chicken wire, glass, and raw steel columns is kind of like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. And once you've made it into Wonderland Libertine, you'll find plenty of craft cocktails and, depending on the night and time, anything from new-wave indie to nĂ¼-disco or even drum and bass emanating from the repurposed baby grand piano that's been converted into a DJ booth.

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