Best Of Arts & Entertainment

  • Best New Bar


    Sidebar isn't trying too hard to be one thing, but it's not trying too hard to please everyone either. It's just great.

  • Best Secret Bar

    The Bar Inside Coyo Taco

    Walk past the bathrooms and down the hall. There, you'll find a small, square room, softly lit by novena candles. A DJ plays a mix of soft house music, and people lounge on comfortable sofas.

  • Best Bar, North

    Billy's Pub Too

    You say you want your cheap drinks with a side of ribs? Come on down to Billy's Pub Too, friend.

  • Best Bar, Central

    Ball & Chain

    Though it's too late to see Holiday perform in person, Ball & Chain keeps the musical spirit alive with DJs, live bands, and singers all week.

  • Best Bar, West

    The Bend Liquor Lounge

    Architect Landy Lamas and builder Mo Lacayo have given these formerly sleazy digs a major face-lift, a fresh booze list, and a new name, opening as the Bend Liquor Lounge.

  • Best Bar, South

    Scully's Tavern

    We ended up writing an entire 340-page book about how much we love Scully's, but we didn't have enough room to print it all.

  • Best Bar, Miami Beach

    Repour Bar

    The bar is a welcome and rustic respite from the über-commercial Lincoln Road just outside the door.

  • Best Bar, Homestead/Florida City

    Sam's Hideaway

    Forget dehydrated meat and purple drink. This bar's got cold $2.50 Budweiser and free hot dogs on Sundays.

  • Best Pool Bar

    Monty's Sunset

    "Doing #Business in #Miami looks like #Vacation... @ #Montys in #SoFe on #SouthBeach where else is there a #Pool in the middle of a #Restaurant w/ a #View of #Yachts on the #Intercoastal #Water"

  • Best Sports Bar


    Sports bar in a strip mall. We'd usually sneer. But we swear Pubgrill doesn't suck.

  • Best Dive Bar

    Happy's Stork Lounge

    This glorious dive on the JFK Causeway breathes a special life into the neighborhood and acts as a courier for grimy, boozy goodness.

  • Best Drag Show

    The Palace

    Maybe underground drag nights are more your thing, but these queens will impress with fun sidewalk-grinding lip-syncs full of hits from Rihanna, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, and more.

  • Best Monthly Gay Party

    Double Stubble at Gramps

    The last Sunday afternoon of every month, there's no need to keep your sexuality subtle.

  • Best Gay Bar

    The Bar at Hotel Gaythering

    "Ugh, I wish there were a gay bar that was just like an actual bar. One that actually served craft cocktails instead of having shirtless bartenders shoot out vodka crans like it was an assembly line."

  • Best Weekly Party

    Fridays at Basement Miami

    Basement Miami at the new Miami Beach Edition, on the other hand, seems completely at ease taking big risks, even if that means introducing a downtown-esque nightclub to the middle of Miami Beach.

  • Best VIP Room

    House Nightclub

    If you're looking for the VIP experience, you're going to want to request a table in the backroom area, where you'll find the "bedroom" and "bath."

  • Best Bar Food

    Tap 79

    Tap 79 is one of the least assuming joints in Miami. The beer hall is decorated in old typewriters, wine crates, and Jenga games and looks like it was funded with loose couch change.

  • Best Cocktails

    The Rum Line

    With its unpretentious bamboo furniture, large communal tables, and ever-present sea breezes, the Rum Line is the best place to live out your island fantasies.

  • Best Bartender

    John Lermayer

    The New York native shook Miami's cocktail foundation to the core when he opened the Florida Room at the Delano, bringing the art of the cocktail to a city where Diet Coke and vodka was the drink of choice.

  • Best DJ

    Lazaro Casanova

    The place to catch Casanova spinning live is at Murk Mondays at Coyo Taco, where he shows Miami every week that great, made-in-the-305 dance music is alive and well.

  • Best Electronica Artist

    Niko Javan

    Javan's a man defined less by genre than by personal motivation. Always pushing himself toward new sounds, boredom is the only enemy and stagnation the only sin.

  • Best Dance Club

    Do Not Sit on the Furniture

    From the ashes of Bella Rose and the Boom Boom Room rose the littlest club that could, Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

  • Best Band


    Bluejay bridges the gap between Miami's rock and electronic-music scenes, bringing a new sound of acoustic folk and warmth to the 305.

  • Best Unknown Band

    Jellyfish Brothers

    For the past few years, the Alvarezes have ceaselessly toiled away on their film and music projects, becoming minor celebrities among the folks who frequent Wynwood and Little Haiti's rock clubs.

  • Best Latin Band

    Electric Piquete

    Electric Piquete has become a staple in the 305's Latin music scene, performing everywhere from Little Havana's Ball & Chain to Coral Gables' Carnaval on the Mile and to national television audiences on Fusion TV.

  • Best Songwriters


    With four collections of carefully crafted, stylistically nuanced cuts, this threesome is exploring the kind of heady future tuneage that blends all of Miami's essential yet disparate music scenes into a single mercurial sound.

  • Best Solo Musician

    Jesse Perez

    As a Dade County dude who grew up on Miami bass and homegrown house, he is the heir to Uncle Luke and DJ Laz, Oscar G and Ralph Falcon.

  • Best Radio Station

    Shake 108 FM

    The city finally has a musically tasteful radio station that not only leaves the Taylor Swifts, Sam Smiths, and Meghan Trainors of the world to Y-100 but that supports the local community.

  • Best Recording Studio

    Studio Center

    These storied halls have graced the world with LPs from everyone from Kool & the Gang to Ginuwine to the Game. Even Scott Storch and Madonna laid down some vinyl magic in Miami Lakes.

  • Best Record Label

    Limited Fanfare Records

    Launched in 2011, this local label, run by band manager and music-industry veteran Brian Kurtz, has released dozens of albums, EPs, compilations, and singles by both national and local acts.

  • Best Small Music Venue

    Le Chat Noir

    Le Chat Noir in downtown Miami oozes a certain kind of 1910s Parisian chic, with its art nouveau design flourishes and dim, dark air of decadent sophistication.

  • Best Live Music Venue

    Bayfront Park Amphitheatre

    Among the Magic City's only permanent outdoor performance grounds, this 2,600-seat, 8,000-person music venue lends a heightened intensity and inimitable sense of place to any show.

  • Best Locals Venue


    Every Monday through Saturday, Steam turns up the heat and the volume for the best and brightest of the underground dance and hip-hop world.

  • Best Concert

    Phantogram at Grand Central, June 28, 2014

    The band combined the 15-song set with a light show that was so simple and yet so effective in setting the tone for the performance.

  • Best Latin Club

    La Covacha

    La Covacha has become el mejor spot to swing your hips to Latin beats, not just in Doral but in all of Dade County.

  • Best Rock Club

    Kill Your Idol

    A noisy, boozy beach joint with actual bands like Kill Your Idol is a rare thing.

  • Best Underground Club

    Miami Music Club

    It was entirely improbable for Miami Music Club — an experimental electronic music, art, and literature venue — to take up residence on the same street as a Lanvin boutique and the Miami Center for Plastic Surgery. But thanks to Dacra, the artist-friendly real-estate company that donated a space for the venue, it did.

  • Best Strip Club

    Tootsie's Cabaret

    It's like you died and went to a drunk, naked afterparty for Super Bowl XXX.

  • Best Pool Hall

    Sharp Shooters

    Pull out your cue. And put on your game face. Because you're in Sharp Shooters, and this isn't some college-crowd, beer-guzzling haven where loud novices mess their way through half-hearted games.

  • Best Ladies' Night

    Purdy Lounge

    All that gratis booze is served with a side of the best dancehall, reggae, and old-school hip-hop jams.

  • Best Afterhours

    The Corner

    You can watch the sun rise as you pull up a chair on the sidewalk to ogle the clubgoers stumbling out of downtown's clubs.

  • Best Hotel Lounge/Bar

    The Vagabond Hotel Bar

    The alfresco poolside bar is a Shangri-la unto itself.

  • Best Music Blog

    Tuff Gnarl

    The hidden gems among its hidden gems are the Tuff team's album lists, band interviews, and concert reviews.

  • Best Music Festival

    International Noise Conference

    Organized by local-music-scene legend Rat Bastard, INC has stretched into a five-day fest held every February at Churchill's Pub that brings noise performers from all over the world.

  • Best Jukebox

    Yambo Restaurant

    Amid the burro masks, "Chancho con Yuca" signs, and chicken statues, there is a vintage coin-operated CD machine loaded with mariachi music, Juan Gabriel, reggaeton records, Yo Quiero Bachata compilations, and Nica folk tunes.

  • Best Karaoke

    Live Rock Band Karaoke at Little Hoolie's

    Wanna make your heavy-metal fantasies come true? Every week, Miami's premier purveyor of karaoke nights, Kara-O-King, headbangs into Kendall sports bar Little Hoolie's.

  • Best Open-Mike Night

    Theatre de Underground at Churchill's Pub

    This is the quintessential Miami open-mike night. And it isn't always good. But it's always what the average Churchill's drunk would describe as "fucking entertaining."

  • Best Vinyl Shop

    Museo del Disco

    Museo del Disco has hooked up music junkies with a wide selection of CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and more since 2001, but the institution's foray into vinyl began just a couple of years ago.

  • Best Museum


    Stashed away in an expansive building in downtown Miami are scores of archives, artifacts, and photographs from every era of South Florida's development, including more than a million images from the late 1800s to today.

  • Best Art Museum

    Institute of Contemporary Art

    Founded by former MOCA board members and staff, the ICA opened with a bang during Art Basel 2014.

  • Best Art Gallery


    Guccivuitton has hosted a variety of smart and interesting exhibitions, including the 2014 group show "Luxury Face," which elegantly skewered consumer culture.

  • Best Artist

    Emmett Moore

    Moore applies his restrained taste to Miami's outrageous ambiance, and the result is a body of work that'll inspire you to see the city in a new light.

  • Best Public Art

    Jose de Diego Middle School

    The murals provide limitless inspiration for the kids who walk its halls — and Jose de Diego's new arts program is slated to begin in the fall thanks in part to money raised by the mural-painting event.

  • Best Photographer

    Gideon Barnett

    Gideon Barnett isn't your average Miami photographer. You won't find perfectly sunlit photographs of the waterfront skyline hanging in his shows, and the city's beautiful people aren't usually posing for his camera.

  • Best Blog


    Tropicult is a wonderfully diverse site devoted to Miami's food, fashion, film, art, music, and events.

  • Best Instagram

    Phillip Pessar

    The bulk of the 58-year-old photographer's work documents the Miami we remember as children and which is quickly disappearing to make room for residents with little sentimental attachment to the city.

  • Best Twitter Feed

    Billy Corben

    If it's important to Miami, Corben is probably tweeting about it.

  • Best FM Radio Personality


    Afrika is well known in the South Florida music industry for her in-depth interviews, which are aired live and later archived for posterity on Power 96's website.


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