Best Chinese Restaurant (2014)


Miami is a nearly perfect city, but there are two flaws. One, of course, is the imminent threat of hurricanes. The other is the serious lack of good Chinese food. While we'll still have to board up our windows if NOAA tells us a big one is coming, our tragic lack of quality egg rolls has been solved with the opening of Blackbrick. Richard Hales, the chef/owner of the much-loved Sakaya Kitchen, opened this place and the angels wept tears of joy. Why? For the house-made dandan noodles ($12), the wonton soup brewed with rabbit stock that completely satisfies the soul ($9), and the General Tso's gator ($17). WTF, you say? General Tso's gator? Hales doesn't claim to be ultra-authentic; he just makes the food damn good. Which is fine when that means offering a drool-worthy bourbon trifle for dessert — topped, of course, with a fortune cookie. Because some things are classic.

Location Details

3451 NE 1st Ave.
Miami FL 33137


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