Great moments in coffee history:

1669: Louis XIV sends a single coffee seedling to Martinique, which begins the spread of the beverage through Central and South America.1670: Dutch introduce coffee to America. 1688: First coffeehouse opened in London by Edward Lloyd, who would later build the insurance giant Lloyd's of London.1878: Sanborn & Chase introduce coffee in tin cans.1901: First instant coffee sold (later marketed as Nescafé in 1939).1903: First decaffeinated coffee hits stores.2011: By-the-cup coffee shops open in Miami. There's not one, but three excellent places: Panther Coffee, Alaska Coffee Roasting Co., and Eternity Coffee Roasters. It's a worthy trio through and through; we give an edge to Eternity because we like the single-origin beans it uses, from the mountains of Kenya, Colombia, and Ethiopia (flavor notes for each bean are noted) — and, ultimately, we're enamored with the smooth, potent, nonacidic flavor of the finished brew. The beans are roasted in-house and prepared using the pour-over method — first they wet the filter with hot water, next the beans are ground, and then the water is poured ever so slowly into the coffee and filter, which rests in a glass funnel cone. Depending upon which bean you choose, the price of a calibrated 12-ounce cup is between $2.75 and $5.50; most are in the $3 range. Double espressos are exceptional as well ($2.85). Tables, chairs, and a long comfy couch are scattered about in the spacious room, which has free Wi-Fi. Desserts are tasty too, but it's the historically delectable cup of joe that brings us here again and again.

Location Details

117 SE 2nd Ave.
Miami FL 33131


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