Ten Miami Guys You've Probably Dated

Ten Miami Guys You've Probably Dated

You've tried online dating. You've gotten fixed up by friends. You've gone home with someone on a whim. Somehow, you're still single. Is it you? Is it them?

How should you know? You're just a stranger out there in internetland. But we do know plenty of men in this city who fit certain stereotypes. And guess what? There is a good chance you are texting one of them right now.

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So, ladies, cancel your relationship advice book order from Amazon, because you aren't alone. Here are ten guys you have dated, dumped, or are hooking up with right this second.

Ten Miami Guys You've Probably Dated
Miami Rebels

10. Mr. You're on the List

Your friendship blossoms when he begins putting you on his list for free entry to the club. Then the invites to his table come. After a while, you and your friends start planning your nights around his schedule at LIV. With this relationship, the perks are great: not having to wait in line, endless beverages, and bragging about hanging out with the Kardashians. But when the stench of cigarette smoke won't leave your hair and you start debating whether you should join CrossFit or AA, it's over. O-v-e-r.

9. Mr. Start-Up

You like to think your man is an entrepreneur. Really, he might be one! You know: starting his own business in Wynwood, bringing his family's store to another city, etc. But more than likely, when he tells you is an entrepreneur, it's code for "unemployed and/or drug dealer."

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